At Lime Academy Forest Approach our mission is to:

  • Provide appropriate and motivating environments for learning within a challenging and supportive atmosphere
  • Nurture independence, confidence and have high expectations
  • Encourage a successful partnership with parents
  • Have equality of opportunity
  • Foster creativity within a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Prepare pupils for life after school
  • Maximize the potential in all

This will be achieved by:

  • Having the child at the centre of everything we do
  • Pupils and staff being treated as individuals both educationally and socially; ‘one size does not fit all’
  • Learning being developed around personal needs and staff being willing to go the extra mile
  • Having strong links with families so we can share the good and the bad
  • Support being given to every pupil and adult throughout the school, with strong leadership from the Headteacher and Senior Management Team
  • Opportunities and access to appropriate technologies including new and emerging
  • Offering high quality opportunities for staff to develop their skills and knowledge, in out of school
  • The school works with and supports the wider community, which creates real life opportunities for our pupils
  • Undesirable behaviours are dealt with quickly and monitored closely; trying to keep the impact on others minimal
  • Having small class sizes and high ratio of staff to children, which allows staff to work flexibly with the pupils to give them opportunities that are wide, varied, appropriate and enjoyable for each individual
  • Visitors, parents and volunteers being made welcome and hopefully enjoy their experience at Lime Academy Forest Approach.

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