Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please use Evidence for Learning to update your child's learning evidence and in order to keep in touch with your child's teacher. You can also do this via Google Classroom

Please use the login link sent to your email address by Evidence for Learning and check ParentMail for information about logging into Google Classroom. 

Please email us via our school website contact page if you need help with logging in or have not received the email with login details.  

Please see the documents that would help you to support the learning of your children at home during the school closure. 


Wellbeing Pack    Mental wellbeing during isolation

Home play & learning links and ideas      Visual schedule morning

Visual schedule afternoon      Website/apps/sensory and exercises

Free resources, activities, games and information      

Sensory balance schedule 1      Sensory balance schedule 2

Corona Virus Info for Children      Easter Makaton signs

Fun Scavenger Hunts      Colouring Rainbow from Frank

Explore BBC      Thrive activities      Forest Approach Rainbow Colouring Page

Poem - Schools Are Closed      Ten brilliant, safe, messy and creative ideas to try at home

 Magic Spot a Story by Sarah     Space related resources for home schooling

 Mental Health - Toolkit for building Resilience

 Sense - Oral Motor      Kids Maths Game - Oral Motor

Check out also our daily exercises instructions prepared by our PE coach on Twitter and fun videos prepared by our staff. There are also some Makaton signs that you can practice at home with your children. 

Why We Can't Hug


Please click the links below to access each document provided by Lizelle Keyser, Speech and Language Therapist.  There is lots of useful information and printouts for you to do with your child.

Heavy Work Calming Sheet   Calming Sensory Diet    Self Calming Strategies  Breathing Exercises

5 Senses grounding technique   Progressive Relaxation    Sensory Visual Schedule

Parents Pre-writing Week 1    Parents How to Pre-writing Week 1

Parents Pre-writing Week 2    Parents How to Pre-writing Week 2

Parents Pre-writing Week 3    Parents How to Pre-writing Week 3

Parents Pre-writing Week 4    Parents How to Pre-writing Week 4

Parents Pre-writing Week 5      Parents How to Pre-writing Week 5

Parents Pre-Writing Week 6      Parents How to Pre-writing Week 6

Parents Pre-writing Week 7      Parents How to Pre-writing Week 7


Parents Handwriting  Week 1  Parents How to Handwriting  Week 1

Parents Handwriting  Week 2  Parents How to Handwriting  Week 2

Parents Handwriting Week 3    Parents How to Handwriting Week 3

Parents Handwriting Week 4    Parents How to Handwriting Week 4

Parents Handwriting Week 5     Parents How to Handwriting Week 5

Parents Handwriting Week 6      Parents How to Handwriting Week 6

Parents Handwriting Week 7      Parents How to Handwriting Week 7


How to write my name   Lower case letter formation    Letter formation worksheet

Number Stories    Cutting Shapes (Printable)  Feathered turkey craft (Printable)

Shapes Pegs (Printable)    Letter Formation   Number Stories (2)   

Sensory Visual Schedule    Helping Children with additional needs cope

Sensory Explore Parents Work   Sensory Explore How To for Parents

The letter 'C' Activity Sheet    Cutting Across

C is for Caterpillar    Curly Caterpillar handwriting c o a

C is for Caterpillar Letter O    Curly Caterpillar handwriting d, g

Curly Caterpillar s, f     C is for Caterpillar Letter A

Sense Introception     Cutting a curve    Sense_Vision

Visual Perception Webinar      Cutting Spirals   3 Shapes Pegs

How to Sensory Explore Parent     Sensory Explore Parent

Fussy Eating      COVID 19 Social Stories      Circle and lines

 Curly Caterpillar Letter d      Curly Caterpillar Letters Q, E

Sensory Exploration    How to Sensory Exploration      Sensory Bags

Independent Eating


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